Book Sifawy hotel with a flight!

Sifawy Boutique Hotel & Flight Package deals!

We have put the best flight and hotel packages together for you so you don’t need to search for your flight and hotel separately. Just enter the dates of when you want to get away and we will do the rest! Our packages offer savings on the total price of your flight and hotel. All regular flights to Oman are available, and some charter flights as well!

Whether you’re planning a family vacation at  Jebel Sifah beach, a romantic getaway, a party week-end at the marina or a golf tournament, we would like to help you book that perfect travel package, and make it as quick and convenient as possible.

We have partnered with a travel agent to combine hotel and flight offers from anywhere around the world, in a secured environment with online payment system. 

hotel and flight to Sifawy hotel

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